Poetry, i wrote some poems please tell me what you think

اذهب الى الأسفل

Poetry, i wrote some poems please tell me what you think

مُساهمة من طرف الزعيم في الثلاثاء ديسمبر 13, 2016 3:32 pm

Tell me if you like any, which is your favorite


I am a circle, I’ve came back around, to where I began, I am a revert.

I am a scholar learning my Deen, perfecting my character,
inshallah one day I will reach a high level of Taqwá.

I am a child so playful, so naïve.

I am an adult so serious and so experienced.

Like cashmere I am soft, while like steel I am hard.

Astaghfirullah………………….. for I am WEAK!

I pray in Dunya to be thankful in the Akhirah.

I fast to control myself.

I love my brothers and show respect to the sisters.
(As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi barakatuh)

I am a follower, following the examples of examples to be followed.
(Rasulullah Salaho Alaihi Wasallam).

So I perpetuate good manners and pray for good virtues.

I am a man simple in nature.

I am a Muslim.


My life lacked direction,
so I looked towards complete and utter submission,
my vision,
of the truth cleared the illusions,
answered my questions,
except where will be my final destination,
alhamdulillah because it’s Alllah’s decision,
depends on actions,
which will be judge on their intention,
will la ilaha illallah be the last thing I mention?

Time for a rhyming intermission,


When I first started praying
it was at the being very confusing,
did not know what I was doing,
but I had a thirst for knowing,
so I started gathering,
books and DVD’s, i started studying,
I asked a lot of question to make sure I was not just viewing or reading,
I was learning,
now when in salaat and reciting,
it means so more because I understand the meaning,
i keep my eyes firmly on the area of prostrating,
pray as if it is Allah you’re seeing,
if not remember Allah is always looking,
started reflecting,
my life needed changing,

Time for another rhyming intermission,

my circle of friends changed,
did not understand why I chose Islam apparently I was deranged
our relationship became estranged,
couldn’t relate, ignorance was not enough to keep me entertained,
Shaytan tried to break me, but to the truth I maintained,
Tempting me with things I vowed to Refrain
But rule of thumb,
Number one,
Dunya is merely a distance echo of jannah.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar
There is nothing better, sweeter or greater,

O’ Allah bless me with patients PLEASE!
So I can stay firm and true to my beliefs,

To Allah we belong and to him we would return,
This is a fact, from the truth you can not run,

Allah have mercy upon me for I am weak,
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah,
Forgiveness from Allah is all that I seek,

My Imam,
Tells me so precious is my Iman
Incomparable to Diamonds, rubies or gold,
I must not let Shaytan break my hold.

So I must stay away from Fitna,
And fast if I have desires for Zina,
If all else fails I should repent and do Dhikr,

If I incorporate the Sunnah,
I won’t be a sinner,
Come the day of Qiyamah,
Inshallah I will be amongst the winners.

Time is so precious,
So highly valued that its worth can not be measured,

Didn’t comprehend when young,
But now older it’s clear and I’ve figured,

Why the grey,
Always say,
That your youth should be treasured,

This is something to be remembered

Time flies by with no delay,
So the wise remember Allah each and every day,
Because we have no knowledge of when we would taken away,

It has been narrated to the nearest truth,
That everybody would be questioned about their youth,

Was it in worshiping Allah
Subhana wa ta’ala
Being influenced and lead by the accursed ones made of fire?

A’ oothu billaahi minash-shaytaanir rajeem

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem
O’ Al Hakeem, Al ‘Aleem, As Salam, Al Kareem,
May you bless us all with wisdom, knowledge and strength from our Deen,
And guide us all,
Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqeem


"They say bitter is life,
without a sweet wife".

How can something so precious be free?

Love is the key,
To happiness on Dunya
And it will be the strongest sensation in the Akhirah,
But to ascertain, attain and to maintain
LOVE sure isn’t easy,

Believe me,

A single heart beat (“lubb-dub”) yearns for another,
It’s the way we are made,
Call it human nature,

Will love ever find?
When its is blind,


How was it possible?
That Aadam (as) was in Jannah and still miserable?

So Hawwa (as) was fashioned from the left rib,
Closest to the heart,
Only then did true happiness actually start,

It’s not the way it’s portrayed on the TV,

Can love ever be perfect?

I wonder,
It’s something to ponder………………………………..

when reading the next poem please take your time when pronouncing Allah
name, prolong the “L”, “let Allah name be like chocolate in your
mouths” enjoy the sensation. As salaam walikum.

(Like chocolate in your mouth)
Allah, Allah, Allah,
Can anything on the tongue be sweeter?

Allah, Allah, Allah,
I want my tongue and my heart to do dhikr,

Allah, Allah, Allah,
No Drug can take you higher,

Allah, Allah, Allah,
Wash my heart clean of Dunya,

Allah, Allah, Allah,
And make my heart be your chamber,

Allah, Allah, Allah,
Bow down to him in prayer,

Allah, Allah, Allah,
When I meet Izraeel (as) please take me away a true believer,

(Ummat al-Mu'minin)
The ummah is like a living body,
When one part is in pain it should be felt by everybody,

Forget about race and nationality,

For the ummah,
Should love and respect each other,

Divide and conquer,

Shaytan creates difference,
Remember Allah (SWT) has no superficial or tangible preferences,

This ummah is a blessing from Allah
Subhana wa ta’ala
So we can help, protect and support each other,

Compare a giant jigsaw to the ummah,
Every piece is important in completing the picture,

What you want for yourself you should want for the ummah,
Please remember your brothers and sisters,
Far and near,
Similar and dissimilar
In need in your duaa’s.

(daughters, sisters and mothers)
So beautiful, so special,
You are like the heart beat of the ummah,

wearing the hijab,
you stand for strength, dignity and honour,

so pious, so pure,
daughters, sisters and mothers
below your feet lies the key to jannah.


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