"the Expected Guest" By Tariq Mehanna (may Allah Release Him

اذهب الى الأسفل

"the Expected Guest" By Tariq Mehanna (may Allah Release Him

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The Expected Guest" by Tariq Mehanna
(Dedicated to my prison cell...a fine host, indeed)

Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem:

These envelope walls look down at me, so stern,
Confusingly soothing, not what I for yearn,
"Expected guest, time has now come for your turn,
I have much to teach, and you have much to learn. . .

I am an instructor of pupils passed through,
Who knocked on my door, while not having a clue,
But under my care, they blossomed and they grew,
Graduated, walked out, and were born anew;

I am a mirror, held right up toy our face,
To test all your limits, expand them with grace,
To teach you what to avoid, what to embrace,
Accustom you to survive in any place;

A mirror held up to the land of the "Free,"
To serve to remind of its hypocrisy,
Where they keep you locked up for all 23,
And send home your neighbor who raped a baby;

I am a witness that will show all and tell,
Who purchased the truth, and who was quick to sell
Who lived in an MM's sugar-coated shell,
Abrogated 'Tawbah' to avoid a cell;

I am your own masjid in which you can stay,
To hear you read Qur'an, to watch as you pray,
To study the Sunnah, to make dhikr all day,
To help you in fasting--just look at that tray!

I am a fortress that none can penetrate,
I shield your mind, allow you to contemplate,
I cleanse your soul, allow it to cultivate,
I give you time, allow you to generate;

I remind of your grave, so somber in tone,
Preview of that sure day you'll be all alone,
No one to hear your calls, none to lend a loan,
Laying in wait until the Trumpet is blown;

I am your companion who is always there,
And while I cannot offer a couch or a chair,
I share your experience in this place so threadbare,
I share your circumstance, I breathe this same air;

You knocked on my door seeking a place of rest,
But I've been commanded to put you to test,
To pluck you away from a life of vain jest,
For you are just my latest expected guest. . ."

Written by:
Tariq Mehanna

Plymouth County Correctional Facility
Isolation Unit-Cell #108
Monday 13th of Rabi' ath-Thani 1431
(29th of March 2010)


الجنس الجنس : ذكر
الْمَشِارَكِات الْمَشِارَكِات : 356
نقاط نقاط : 597
السٌّمعَة السٌّمعَة : 6
الإنتساب : 14/01/2011


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